Saturday, 9 June 2012

Picking your MAC Eye Colours

As you probably know, MAC cosmetics do a wide range of neutral eye shadows-but choosing the perfect shades can be tricky, even with the help of staff. So I just wanted to post a few of my favorite everyday colours.

Kid- This was my first everyday shade, and I still use it now as my everyday base colour. Its one of the Veluxe shadows, which are all very matte, and also super soft to touch. Kid is a very creamy light brown and a great beginner colour, if its your first MAC shadow.

Soba- Soba is a gold based medium tone brown, with a minimal amount of shimmer great for the middle of the lid for a graduating look.It is one of the satin shadows.

All That Glitters- This colour is a great one for using on the lid. It is very shimmery champagne colour, which is a veluxe pearl.

Sable- Sable is a lovely dark shimmery shade with plum undertones, perfect for on the crease and the outer corner.

Snow Season- This is a mineralize eye shadow, which are much bigger than the original shadows. They also have more shimmer and this one is from the Glitter And Ice collection, which was for Christmas 2011, so they are no longer available. Snow season is a light beige with brown and ice blue undertones.

The shadows are £12 each, but Mineralize are £16.50. Thanks for reading! -adele x

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