Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sigma: Essential Brush Kits

I have been checking out Sigma's website recently, and I have fallen in love with the Essential Kits. These are basically sets of everyday brushes, great for beginners, or an upgrade from the brushes you have. They have several different sets and colours, including face kits and eye kits, and even vegan friendly sets!

 The Essential kit comes in 7 different types, which are; Essential Kit (ordinary black and silver), Essential Kit- Make Me Blush (Pink), Essential Kit- Make Me Classy (black and silver), Essential Kit- Make Me Cool (Blue), Essential Kit- Make Me Crazy (Purple), Essential Kit- Mr Bunny (Black and Silver-Vegan), Essential kit- Mrs Bunny (Purple and Blue- Vegan).

So there are a lot of kits, and they are $109 each (about £70). So they are a bit pricey, but bare in mind, they are professional brushes! The first one (ordinary Essential Kit), is $89, which is about £57, so I am considering getting one of the sets, because they are lovely!

Click here to visit the Complete Kits page:
-adele x

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